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List of 12 Unforgettable Activities to Try in Bali


Unforgettable Activities to Try in Bali.Bali, the paradise island of Indonesia, is renowned for its captivating natural beauty, rich culture, and enchanting beaches. Are you planning a vacation to Bali? If so, make sure not to miss the list of unforgettable activities to try during your stay on this island.

  1. Witnessing the Sunrise at Pura Tanah Lot


Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most iconic spots. Witnessing the sunrise here is an unforgettable experience. Perched on a rock, this place offers a perfect vantage point for a spectacular view. Watching the sunrise at Tanah Lot Temple is a captivating spiritual experience in Bali, Indonesia. The journey to the temple is filled with excitement, through the lush roads of Balinese villages offering stunning views of rice paddies. As the sun shines from the horizon, the ambiance becomes magical with the sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the sunlight creating serenity. Visitors gather around the temple, meditate, and appreciate the beauty of the landscape while waiting for the sun to rise completely. This experience combines nature, art, and Balinese religious faith, creating an unforgettable spiritual moment.

  1. Exploring the Monkey Forest in Ubud


Exploring the Monkey Forest in Ubud is a captivating experience that allows you to discover the wonders of nature and interact uniquely with wildlife. Located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, this forest offers visitors the opportunity to interact with thousands of monkeys living freely in a lush environment. As you walk on trails surrounded by lush trees, the monkeys play, search for food, or bask in the sun, creating impressive moments. However, visitors must be cautious to preserve their safety and the environment by avoiding direct feeding of the monkeys. Thus, exploring this forest will be a memorable and educational experience.

  1. Learning to Surf at Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach is a surfer’s paradise. If you want to try surfing, this place is perfect. There are many surf schools offering lessons for beginners. Learning to surf at Kuta Beach is an adventurous and exciting experience in Bali, Indonesia. Kuta Beach offers a vast expanse of white sand and ideal waves for beginners, making it one of the best places in the world to start surfing. Experienced surf instructors will guide you through the basics and make you feel the unforgettable sensation of standing on a surfboard and riding the waves towards the beach. Moreover, this experience will also teach you respect for nature and the sea while providing a better understanding of Bali’s rich surfing culture. With a relaxed atmosphere on the beach and a sense of adventure, learning to surf at Kuta Beach is a valuable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

  1. Enjoying the Beauty of Pura Besakih


Enjoying the beauty of Besakih Temple is a fascinating spiritual journey in Bali, Indonesia. Besakih Temple, or Pura Agung Besakih, is located on the majestic slopes of Mount Agung, radiating splendor with its magnificent traditional Balinese architecture and an inspiring sacred atmosphere. Here, visitors can witness Balinese Hindu religious ceremonies against a backdrop of stunning natural landscapes, including the majestic Mount Agung and lush green terraced rice fields. In addition to its spiritual aspect, this complex allows visitors to explore Bali’s rich cultural heritage through various statues and altars adorning the temple. Visiting Besakih Temple is an impressive experience that allows for a deep connection with the spiritual and cultural side of the island.

  1. Diving in Tulamben


Diving in Tulamben is a breathtaking underwater adventure in Bali, Indonesia. Nestled beneath the majestic Mount Agung, Tulamben is known as a diver’s paradise due to its iconic shipwreck, the USAT Liberty, which houses diverse marine life. Below the calm surface of the water, you’ll discover beautiful coral reefs, shimmering fish, and unique marine creatures. This experience will allow you to feel the depth and richness of Bali’s sea, making it a dream destination for divers from around the world.

  1. Visiting Tirta Gangga Water Palace


Visiting the Tirta Gangga Water Palace is a journey that takes you into the world of Bali’s authentic natural and cultural beauty. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, this palace is a classic masterpiece of Balinese water gardens, famous for its magnificent pools, fountains, and astonishing sculptures. Exploring this palace, you’ll feel an unshakable peace and soak in the presence of lush nature. You can walk across artistic stone bridges, feed the fish in the pools, or simply relax amidst colorful flower gardens. Tirta Gangga Water Palace radiates elegance and traditional Balinese beauty, making it the perfect place for meditation and creating unforgettable memories.

  1. Enjoying Fresh Air in Kintamani


Enjoying the fresh air in Kintamani is an experience that frees the soul in Bali, Indonesia. Located at an elevation, with the majestic view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur, Kintamani offers cool and fresh air, a refreshing contrast to Bali’s heat. Breathing here, you’ll feel the scent of pine and fruit orchards fill the air, creating a soothing atmosphere. The spectacular views also serve as a perfect backdrop for tasting local dishes while admiring the extraordinary landscape, making Kintamani an extraordinary place to feel alive and in harmony with the beauty of nature.

  1. Watching the Barong Dance Performance

Activities to Try in Bali

Attending the Barong Dance show is an incredible experience where Balinese art and culture harmoniously come together. In this dance, a performer wears a giant costume representing Barong, a mythical creature symbolizing good. The show is filled with graceful and dynamic movements, accompanied by the typical Balinese gamelan music. Spectators will be fascinated by the performer’s skill in portraying the character, as well as the story told through their movements. The combination of visual and musical elements creates an unforgettable cultural experience that leaves a profound impression of Bali’s rich traditional art.

  1. Shopping at Sukawati Art Market


Shopping at the Sukawati Art Market is a journey for the eyes and soul in Bali. Located in the village of Sukawati, this market is a haven for lovers of traditional art and crafts. Here, visitors can find a variety of unique items such as paintings, sculptures, traditional fabrics, jewelry, and other beautiful artworks, all beautifully displayed in various shops and stalls. Bargaining is an integral part of the shopping experience at the Sukawati Art Market, turning each purchase into a pleasant cultural interaction between tourists and sellers. The friendly and colorful atmosphere of the market makes it a shopping destination not to be missed for those wishing to take home authentic pieces of Balinese art.Also, read at: https://www.baliethnik.com/paradis-du-shopping-et-de-lartisanat-a-bali/.To experience Shopping and Craft Paradise in Bali.

  1. Exploring Pandawa Beach


Exploring Pandawa Beach is like entering a hidden paradise in Bali. Nestled between towering cliffs, this beach offers a spectacular view of clear waters and soft, inviting white sand. Here, visitors can enjoy a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere, engage in activities like swimming, relax on the beach, or take a ride on a traditional fisherman’s boat. A distinctive feature of Pandawa Beach is the row of Hindu god statues that adorn the beach, adding a spiritual touch and captivating natural beauty. This beach is the perfect place to escape the crowds, enjoy a magnificent sunset, and explore the natural wonders of the Island of the Gods.


Admiring the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is like stepping into a breathtaking landscape in Bali. Located in the western mountains of Bali, these rice terraces form a magnificent stair-step pattern, creating an elegant and captivating view. The vibrant green of the rice fields blends with the blue sky and majestic mountains in the background, creating a peaceful and enchanting scene. This beautiful scenery reflects the local wisdom in land and water management, and visiting Jatiluwih offers a rare opportunity to feel the tranquility of Balinese countryside and appreciate its magnificent natural wealth.

  1. Enjoying the Sunset at Uluwatu Beach


Enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu Beach is an incomparable experience in Bali. Located at the southern tip of the island, this beach offers a spectacular view as the sun slowly sets behind the horizon, creating a stunning silhouette of temples and steep cliffs. The sound of roaring waves adds a magical atmosphere, while the Kecak dancers performing at Luhur Uluwatu Temple add a cultural depth. It’s the perfect place for meditation, relaxation, and appreciating the natural and cultural beauty of Bali in a moment filled with wonder.

Without a doubt, Bali offers numerous unforgettable activities that will make your vacation truly memorable. Don’t miss the chance to try each experience offered by this island. With its natural beauty and rich culture, Bali will leave everlasting memories within you.

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