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Hunting 12 Typical Balinese Souvenirs at Traditional Markets

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Typical Balinese Souvenirs on traditional markets have an undeniable appeal. Bali, the island of the gods celebrated for its natural beauty, is also known for its distinctive cultural richness. One of the best ways to bring a piece of Bali’s magic home with you is to look for typical Balinese souvenirs that you can find in various traditional markets scattered throughout the island. From arts and crafts to culinary delights, Bali’s traditional markets offer a variety of souvenir options that will charm your heart. In this article, we will take you through 12 typical Balinese souvenirs that you should look for in traditional markets. So, prepare your wallet and get ready to hunt for these enchanting typical Balinese souvenirs.

12 Typical Balinese Souvenirs

1.Bali Pie Susu

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: sonora.id

Bali Pie Susu is a type of traditional cake originating from the island of Bali, Indonesia. This cake is famous for its sweet and fluffy taste, as well as its elastic texture. Bali Pie Susu is typically made from a mixture of sweet condensed milk, eggs, and flour, which is then baked until it turns golden brown. A distinctive feature is the thin crust on the outside of the cake and the fluffy filling on the inside. The filling of Bali Pie Susu can vary, ranging from the traditional vanilla version to more modern options with variations like chocolate, cheese, or fruit. This cake is often bought as a typical souvenir from Bali and is enjoyed by tourists visiting the island.

The delicacy of Bali Pie Susu makes it one of the most sought-after souvenirs for visitors to Bali. You can often find these cakes in souvenir shops, traditional markets, and even from street vendors along the streets of Bali. Its sweet taste and soft texture make it a perfect snack to enjoy at any time. This cake not only tantalizes taste buds with its delicious flavor but also brings the aroma and typical Balinese souvenirs, making it a precious culinary heritage of the island.

2.Udeng Bali

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: Tokopedia

Udeng Bali is a type of traditional headgear typical of the island of Bali, Indonesia. Balinese men often wear Udeng as part of their traditional attire. Udeng is made from a piece of fabric carefully wrapped around the head, creating different knot shapes depending on the wearer’s needs and social status. The colors and patterns of Udeng Bali also have their own meanings. For example, the red Udeng is often worn during religious ceremonies as a symbol of respect for the gods, while certain patterns may indicate marital status or a specific social group.

Udeng Bali serves not only as protection from the sun and rain but also has a deep symbolic meaning in Balinese culture. This headgear reflects pride and cultural identity, as well as respect for traditions and religious beliefs. With its different colors, shapes, and meanings, Udeng Bali has become one of the most fascinating and precious cultural symbols of Bali’s rich and diverse culture.

3.Pia Legong Bali

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: Shopee

Pia Legong Bali is a type of famous traditional cake on the island of Bali, Indonesia. This cake is named after the famous Balinese traditional dance, the Legong dance. Pia Legong stands out with its thin crust and sweet filling, typically made from a mixture of coconut sugar, grated coconut, and spices like cinnamon. This filling is carefully wrapped in a thin cake crust and then baked until it turns golden. Pia Legong is often sold in various flavors, including chocolate, cheese, nuts, and even tropical fruits like durian or pineapple, providing a variety of choices for enthusiasts based on their preferences.

Pia Legong Bali is not only appreciated for its delicious sweet taste but also for its beautiful and unique packaging. Usually, these cakes are wrapped in colorful paper with traditional Balinese patterns or images of the Legong dance. This beautiful packaging makes Pia Legong a popular souvenir among tourists visiting the island. It is a delicious example of Bali’s culinary richness that delights taste buds and holds deep cultural significance.

4.Kintamani Coffee

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: Kintamani.id

Kintamani Coffee is one of the Arabica varieties grown in the Kintamani region, located in the mountains of Bali, Indonesia. Kintamani Coffee is renowned for its high quality, influenced by the ideal natural conditions of the region. The coffee beans grow at an altitude of approximately 1,000 to 1,500 meters above sea level on the fertile slopes of Mount Batur. The cool mountain climate, fertile soil, and abundant sunshine create a perfect environment for the growth of high-quality coffee beans. The result is Kintamani Coffee with a rich taste, notes of fruit, chocolate, and a refreshing light acidity.

Kintamani Coffee is also known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices adopted by farmers in the region. They often use organic coffee farming methods, preserving the local ecosystem and soil quality. This sustainability, coupled with exceptional taste, has made Kintamani Coffee a favorite among coffee lovers worldwide. Moreover, this coffee is often offered as one of the typical Balinese souvenirs, allowing visitors to take home the unique aroma and taste of this coffee.

5.Joger T-Shirts

Joger T-Shirts are one of the popular souvenirs that can be found in Bali, Indonesia. They are known as “Joger T-Shirts” because of their origin in a famous Bali souvenir shop called “Joger,” which is short for “Johnny One Gun.” Joger T-Shirts are characterized by their unique and creative designs, often adorned with humor or fun messages related to Balinese culture, tourism, or island-related aspects. These T-shirts are typically made from comfortable cotton, and their designs can include images of wayang (Javanese puppets), traditional dances, Bali landscapes, or funny characters that have become brand icons.

Joger T-Shirts have become a popular souvenir for tourists visiting Bali, and many of them bring back several as mementos. In addition to T-shirts, the Joger store also sells a variety of other souvenirs such as caps, keychains, and various unique handicraft items. Joger T-Shirts have become one of the most sought-after symbols of Bali when it comes to souvenirs, and a visit to one of the Joger stores is an unforgettable shopping experience for many island visitors.

6.Bali Salak

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: Wikipedia

Bali Salak, also known as Salak Pondoh or Salak Bali Maja, is one of the varieties of salak (or snake fruit) originating from the island of Bali, Indonesia. This fruit is distinguished by its rough, brownish-yellow skin with black spots. The hard skin protects the sweet and fresh flesh of the fruit. In Bali Salak, you’ll find a few large seeds typically wrapped in a layer of delicious flesh. The taste of Bali Salak is generally sweet with a slight acidity, and its unique, crunchy texture makes it a popular snack throughout Indonesia.

Bali Salak thrives in tropical regions like Bali, with a warm climate and plenty of sunshine. Bali is known for producing high-quality fruits, and Bali Salak is a notable example. This fruit is often sold in Bali’s traditional markets and is also one of the sought-after souvenirs by tourists visiting the island. In addition to being enjoyed fresh, Bali Salak can also be used to prepare various sweets, juices, or even transformed into other delicious food products.

7.Dodol Buleleng

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: detik.com

Dodol Buleleng is a culinary specialty originating from the Buleleng region in Bali. Dodol is known for its unique texture and distinctive taste. Dodol Buleleng is made from basic ingredients such as glutinous rice, coconut, palm sugar, and coconut milk to give it a delicious sweet flavor. The manufacturing process is complex and requires specific skills, as dodol must be continuously stirred until it reaches a elastic and dense texture. Usually, Dodol Buleleng is presented in the form of small squares wrapped in banana leaves, making it a popular snack in Bali, especially during traditional celebrations like Galungan and Kuningan.

Dodol Buleleng is not only a delicious treat but also has deep cultural significance. It is often used as a kind of offering or tribute during Balinese religious and ritual ceremonies. Additionally, Dodol Buleleng is often offered as a typical Balinese souvenir for tourists visiting Bali, contributing to the preservation of the island’s rich culinary heritage.

8.Disco Peanuts

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source :kintamani.id

Disco Peanuts are a popular snack in Indonesia, especially among children and teenagers. This snack has a unique name due to its disc-like or floppy disk-like shape, often used in old computers. Disco Peanuts are made from roasted or fried peanuts until they become crunchy, and then they are coated with various spices and seasonings to give them a salty and spicy flavor. Some common taste variants include spicy, barbecue, cheese, and sweet. This snack has a crispy and savory texture, making it an ideal snack for watching movies or light snacking while relaxing.

Disco Peanuts are typically sold in convenient packaging, such as plastic bags or small metal boxes, making them easy to carry around. This snack has become an icon among light snacks in Indonesia and is often found in neighborhood grocery stores, shopping malls, and even in cinemas. Its irresistible taste makes it a favorite choice for those looking for a delicious and satisfying snack.

9.Koro Bali Peanuts

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source: Krisna bali

Koro Bali Peanuts are another variety of roasted or fried peanuts that can be found in Bali, Indonesia. These peanuts are named “Koro” because of their unique shape, which resembles a split peanut. Koro Bali Peanuts are seasoned with a blend of spices to give them a unique and delicious flavor. They can be spicy, sweet, salty, or have other flavors according to preferences.

Like Disco Peanuts, Koro Bali Peanuts are also sold in convenient packaging, making them easy to carry and enjoy on the go. These peanuts are popular among locals and tourists in Bali as a light and tasty snack. You can find them in local grocery stores, traditional markets, and even in souvenir shops.

10.Bali Keychains

Bali keychains are popular souvenirs among tourists visiting the island of Bali, Indonesia. These keychains come in a variety of shapes and designs that represent elements of Balinese culture, such as wayang puppets, traditional dances, Hindu deities, and Balinese batik patterns. They are often made from materials like wood, stone, or metal and are adorned with hand-carved sculptures or beautiful hand-painted artwork. These keychains not only serve as a practical accessory for identifying your keys but also as a reminder of the beauty of Balinese culture.

In addition to being souvenirs, Bali keychains are often used as gifts or ornaments for bags and keys by art and Balinese culture enthusiasts. They reflect the richness of Balinese culture’s artistry and details. When tourists bring these keychains home, they also take a bit of Bali’s beauty with them, which they can appreciate in their daily lives, reminding them of the splendor of their experience on the island.

11.Heavenly Chocolate Bali

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source:oleh-oleh khas bali

Heavenly Chocolate Bali is a premium chocolate brand originating from the island of Bali, Indonesia. The chocolate products from this brand are known for their exceptional quality and incredible taste. Heavenly Chocolate Bali uses carefully selected cocoa beans, sustainably grown in Bali, and prioritizes an environmentally friendly chocolate processing process. This results in a variety of chocolate products, ranging from chocolate bars to pralines, truffles, and various chocolate flavors such as Balinese spice or local tropical fruit-flavored chocolate.

Heavenly Chocolate Bali is also known for its beautiful and exclusive packaging, making it desirable as gifts or souvenirs. Moreover, the brand often offers visitors an opportunity to tour the chocolate factory in Bali, where they can witness the chocolate-making process firsthand. Heavenly Chocolate Bali products not only delight taste buds with their irresistible taste but also offer an unforgettable experience of Bali’s high-quality chocolate, appreciated by chocolate lovers worldwide.

12.Bali Rattan Bags

Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Source:bisnis Bali

Bali rattan bags are iconic typical Balinese souvenirs that are very popular on the island of Bali, Indonesia. These bags are made from natural rattan, which grows abundantly on the island. Bali rattan bags have unique and attractive designs, often adorned with characteristic Balinese ethnic patterns. The craftsmanship of Balinese artisans is reflected in each rattan bag, with intricate and sturdy weaving. These bags are extremely versatile and can be used as daily accessories or as a beautiful addition to casual attire. Furthermore, rattan bags represent the culture and natural beauty of Bali, making them a perfect souvenir for tourists who want to bring back an authentic piece of Bali.

Bali rattan bags are also a symbol of sustainability and environmental preservation because rattan is a natural and renewable eco-friendly material. By purchasing these rattan bags, tourists not only support local artisans in Bali but also encourage the use of more environmentally friendly natural materials. Bali rattan bags are one of the most iconic craft products of the island and have an undeniable appeal for those who want to experience Bali’s culture and nature in a simple and beautiful form.


With a diverse range of typical Balinese souvenirs that charm both the heart and taste buds, there is no reason to leave the island without taking a small piece of its charm with you. From the delicious Bali milk pie to the beautiful Bali keychain, each of these souvenirs carries with it a cultural story and the beauty of the island into your life.

Join us to start your adventure in search of typical Balinese souvenirs full of adventures with BaliEthnik! Enjoy every step of this journey that will bring you closer to the richness of Bali’s culture and nature. It’s time to plan your trip to Bali and explore the traditional markets and souvenir shops we recommend. With the help of BaliEthnik, you will find the perfect typical Balinese souvenirs to bring home a small piece of Bali’s beauty.

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