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Example of price for a 14 Days/13 Nights stay in Bali.

Hotel Class Two Travelers Four Travelers Eight Travelers
Ethnic Comfort
707€ /Person
546€ /Person
530€ /Person
Standard Ethnic
860€ /Person
700€ /Person
883€ /Person
Superior Ethnic
1012€ /Person
851€ /Person
835€ /Person
Luxurious Ethnic
1240€ /Person
1079€ /Person
1063€ /Person
Grand Luxurious Ethnic
1544€ /Person
1383€ /Person
1367€ /Person

These per person rates are calculated based on a couple's stay of 2 travelers sharing 1 double room during the low tourist season. If you are a group of more than 2 travelers, the price will be significantly lower due to a better distribution of overhead costs (guide's remuneration, vehicle rental, fuel, etc.). The higher the number of participants, the more the overhead costs are spread out among them, resulting in a lower price per person.

The prices in IDR are based on the respective exchange rates of the day. For example, for the rate of €1 → Rp15,500, the price is EUR 700 or IDR 10,850,000/person for a group of 4 travelers in the Standard Ethnik hotel class. Here are some examples of prices per person for a group of 4 travelers during the low tourist season in our destinations, excluding flights: