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Why go with us

By adopting a way of traveling based on Fair Trade, we offer solidarity tourism in direct sharing with the local population of the regions visited.The Bali Ethnik guides all have a great knowledge of the natives and their traditions, which will allow you to quickly be at the heart of Indonesian life.Bali Ethnik is responsible for monitoring your stay (welcome, accommodation, transport, guide, advice) from your arrival until your departure and remains at your entire disposal for the duration of your stay. Your tour will be truly personalized, will meet the Bali Ethnik criteria by adapting to your budget.Bali Ethnik undertakes to: study and offer REALLY personalized circuits, avoid as much as possible places trampled by mass tourism, limit as much as possible the small expenses of our travelers during their stay, protect you from shops, commissioned restaurants where prices are not related to the products. In a word, to protect you from the scam, to privilege you by giving you access to real cultural situations where you will be the only foreigners (ceremonies, traditional shows, village festivals…), at all times to listen to you in order to to best implement our passion for tailor-made